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Mission: To connect any driver to any customer or site, in swifter, safer more sustainable ways.


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Safe, swift and sustainable delivery at the touch of a button.


The Smartphone app that enables a fully informed and connected approach to delivery.

Does it actually work?

Yes. As part of a Department for Transport trial, our prototype app fast tracked goods vehicles into sites in seven seconds, beating the industry standard of two to three minutes. This can save fleet operators up to 30p per minute in driver and fuel costs, and save up to 0.23kg in CO2 emissions per minute of queueing avoided entering and leaving sites.

Why DriverNet?

Telematics systems are designed to track vehicles, and leave drivers and customers unconnected to make deliveries without guidance, supervision or notification. Most Sat Nav systems used by delivery drivers are designed for the consumer, and can be as much as 500m out in terms of accuracy, and direct drivers to the front of a store, not goods in. Millions of pounds a year are spent every year repairing avoidable damage caused by a lack of information and guidance and supervision during deliveries. 50 deaths a year in the workplace are associated to the delivery process in the UK, plus 23000 serious injuries and many more not reported to the HSE. 500 pedestrians and road users a year are killed by HGVs in the UK.

The DriverNet Difference

At DriverNet, we believe every accident or incident is avoidable if the correct processes and best practices are followed. We believe queuing can be avoided through connectivity and smart processes, improving workplace and public safety.

Creating a new industry standard

DriverNet is affordable and accessible to every driver, fleet, customer and site and will create a new industry standard experience for delivery, whilst increasing safety and unlocking our partners potential to reduce millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions by enabling them to interact in smarter ways.


DriverNet has formed partnerships with the Department for Transport and Innovate UK to perform research and development of our ground breaking app. We are now partnering with local authorities and the NHS to discover what benefits DriverNet can offer in other sectors.

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From left to right: DriverNet HQ, Emma (CTO) with Ant, Ant pitching at Palace and Ant Pitching.

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Super fast supply chains

Accelerate end to end logistics processes by boosting coordination across our smart community.

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Cloud based community

The cross sector solution that connects any driver to any customer or site in swifter, smarter ways.

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Sustainable urban delivery

Boost CSR, control fuel costs and reduce carbon footprints of every trip made in our community.