Digital transformation of your key work streams with our DriverNet LIVE cloud management system and DriverNet mobile app.

DriverNet Live

Scheduling & Deployment

Real time dispatch, route status, arrival and duration times, lateness and maps to view GPS locations.

Dynamic Routing & Live Maps

Demand responsive updates to routes to synchronise central and mobile teams in real time.

Telematics & Optimisation

Track and record journey progress, information and driver behaviours, and reduce overall mileage, fuel costs and emissions.

Messaging Channels

Send messages with read receipts to individuals or broadcast messages to entire groups.

Incident Reporting & CRM

Interactive, customisable customer service channel to capture and close off reports from in the field.

Customisable Profiles & Checklists

Create profiles containing info, updates, risks, locations and guidance, and set prompts to complete tasks.

Connected Customer Experience

Manage end-to-end experience with automated tracking alerts for streamlined and coordinated operations.

Fleet Records

Secure online storage of pre use inspection checks, defect reports, odometer readings and fuel usage.

DriverNet Mobile

Dynamic Routing

Scheduled routes can be dynamically updated in the field in line with operational demand.

Client Tracking & SMS Notifications

Live vehicle tracking and notifications to prepare clients via email and SMS.

Vehicle Pre Trip Checks & Defects

Complete DVSA standard pre-use vehicle checks, and store PDF documents securely in the cloud.

Handbooks & Guidance

Provide access to documents, SOPs and briefs for workforces for sign off or view in the field.

Incident Reporting & Updates

Live reporting and updates to improve quality, service and remove the need for telephone updates.

Rota, Expenses & Wages

Accurately capture driving and duty hours, odometer readings and mileage, and schedule shifts and duties.

SOS & Lone Worker Alerts

Sends discreet lone worker distress alerts via web, email and SMS, and securely manages breakdown and accident reports.

Proof of Delivery

Capture delivery notes and signatures in the field to streamline invoicing processes.